Frequently Asked Questions

Why private testing rather than testing through the school system? 
Certainly, free testing can be requested through a child’s school system. However, this generally takes a long time to schedule, sometimes months to a year’s time. Testing by the school system typically is done by three different individuals: a social worker, a psychologist, and a learning specialist, who each conduct their portion of the evaluation.  Each of these individuals do not see the child under different aspects of testing and most often do not meet with each other to discuss the child in his/her entirety before writing up their reports. Schools do not make diagnoses of an attention disorder. Executive functioning/organizational skills usually are not evaluated. Testing by the school system typically compares a child only to the norm for his/her age, not necessarily to expectations based on that child’s potential/strengths. Recommendations typically are for public in-school services and do not include suggestions for home or for any privately obtained needs, such as a tutor, learning specialist, or medical evaluation.

Who conducts the evaluations? 
All aspects of information gathering, testing, scoring, report-writing, and conveying results are done by Dr. Goldman.

How long does the testing take? 
Times vary from individual to individual depending on age, speed of work, and testing questions, but most often testing takes 6 to 7 hours. Testing generally is done over two mornings, but three sessions can be scheduled for younger students.  Testing can be done in one day if requested by older adolescents, young adults, and older adults.

How long does it take to get results? 
Reports generally are turned around and informing sessions scheduled for two to three weeks after testing. A faster turnaround time can be scheduled in urgent situations if arranged with Dr. Goldman.

How much do evaluations cost? 
The cost of the evaluation will be discussed when calling Dr. Goldman’s office. Credit cards are not accepted. Payment must be made by check.

Do you accept insurance? 
No. Dr. Goldman is not on any insurance plans. Testing fees are required at the time of testing. A statement with relevant CPT codes and diagnoses is provided, which can be submitted to one’s insurance company for possible reimbursement. Check with your insurance company ahead of time to determine whether or not pre-authorization has to be obtained.

Do you provide psychotherapy? 
No. Dr. Goldman’s practice is limited exclusively to diagnostic evaluations. If any therapies are required as a result of testing, such as language therapy, occupational therapy, vision training, medication, psychotherapy, or social skills groups, even the help of an attorney, Dr. Goldman will recommend appropriate professionals.