Process Steps

Initial intake information is gathered over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting with parents in order to understand the referral questions, concerns, and academic, medical, and social history.

A packet describing the testing process and containing parent and teacher questionnaires (or personal questionnaires for adults) is sent once an appointment is scheduled. Forms should be sent back before the first testing session.

Testing generally takes 6 to 8 hours, depending on the individual’s speed and the referral questions. Testing generally is carried out over two mornings, three if necessary for younger children. Individuals, especially children, are more alert during the morning. After school, they are too fatigued and results get confounded. Hence, generally some school must be missed. Occasionally, holiday hours are available to avoid missing school. Older students and adults sometimes choose to take the entire testing in one day with a lunch break. Snack breaks are taken during the shorter sessions.

Dr. Goldman administers all scoring. Scores are based on the norm for an individual’s age as well as comparing a person’s own areas of strength to any weaknesses. However, scores sometimes provide only half of the needed information important to Dr. Goldman. How an individual attained those scores often provides just as much information. For example, is a low score due to an actual weakness or perhaps to inattention?

Feedback typically is provided within two to three weeks of testing. At the time of the review session, parents will be provided the full written report. Every score and its implications will be discussed. Patterns will be found and explained. Diagnoses and personalized recommendations will be discussed. Recommendations sometimes are as lengthy as five or more pages and include any needed test accommodations, special schools, and strategies for home, school. If there is a need for a learning specialist, therapist, or medical consultation, this will be addressed. Reports are written in a format that is easy to comprehend. Recommendations are practical and functional, which is essential to the client.